Why has a job been in my "Client Review" tab for a long time?

There are a few reasons why roles can seem to "linger" in your Client Review tab.

  1. The hiring manager has not yet reviewed his/her candidates. We do everything in our power to encourage our partner companies to move quickly, but alas, sometimes things are beyond our control. Priorities shift, a crisis arises, the hiring manager goes on vacation....lots of things can happen to delay the review process. Again, we promise that we're trying our best to speed up the process!
  2. The hiring manager is interviewing a preliminary group of candidates but will likely return to the roster for additional interviews. Sometimes the hiring team only has the capacity to handle a small number of candidates at a time. As well, the team may be trying to get clarity on what type of candidate they need - many times, the hiring process also tends to be a learning process.

We do think it's to your advantage to stick around for a few rounds of interview selections, but let us know if you have any timing constraints come up!