Who sees my Scouted Virtual Interview?

All of our candidate profiles are completely private and can't be searched or scraped. You won't show up in any Google searches for being on Scouted, and our partner companies cannot see your profile until after you've applied and have been sent to 'Client Review.' In short, our clients don't have access to a "database" of candidate profiles so-to-speak, it's only after you proactively express interest.

The only people who do see your Virtual Interview are our Scouts and any company with whom you’re matched. Our partner companies know that we encourage you to be informal and candid, so you won’t be judged by the same formality standards as a traditional in-person job interview. We’d aim for a tone that’s relaxed, open and honest - while still remembering that you want companies to see your video and think, “Yep, I’d hire that person in a heartbeat.” So maybe don't record it while laying in your bed and skip the story about that time you drank a full case of beer in one afternoon.