When Do I Get Paid for Placements with Recruiter.com?

Learn what happens after you make a successful placement with Recruiter.com.

At Recruiter.com, recruiters come first. Our recruiters do not bear the risk of client non-payment. On direct hire jobs, recruiters can expect to receive payment thirty days after the client guarantee period passes. The guarantee period will vary by employer.

Additionally, recruiters may choose, through the Recruiter.com payment portal, to receive funds directly after the guarantee period passes, without waiting, for a small transaction fee.

On contract jobs, recruiters receive contract commission payments once per month. Payment is processed after the contractor’s work is verified at the end of the month. The commission is paid out on the first pay period of the following month. Depending on when your candidate starts, the first payment may take 4-6 weeks to receive.

For additional questions, please contact our Recruiter Engagement team. We would be glad to help you.