What Makes Recruiter.com Different?

Learn about what makes our company stand out.

Our company offers three unique value propositions. Some companies may provide one or the other, but we aim to be the only company that most effectively delivers on all three.

1) We are high-touch recruiting experts
Recruiting is in our DNA: we have recruiting expertise from our CEO down. We operate the largest online recruiting publication in the world and are cited career experts in every major business publication. We understand the value of human touch, so we a offer multi-level screening process and exceptional customer service.

2) We are technology-driven
Our use our proprietary and sophisticated software platform to manage our entire recruitment process. We offer a high traffic career site that indexes over 6 million jobs to drive additional applicants. The feature-rich Job Market platform, years in development, connects employer demand with recruiters across the country and world.

3) We have a very strong and broad reach
Recruiter.com manages the largest, centralized recruiter network in the world with over 800,000 members. As the hub of the industry, we also partner with many very well known employment sector sites and services. We take an inclusive approach to our business, in order to most efficiently deliver talented and qualified applicants.

Above all else, we aim to differentiate our company with excellent service. We regularly test user satisfaction and take satisfaction very seriously. We offer a wide range of support and training, and consistently update our platform based on feedback from users like you.