What do each of the Dashboard tabs mean?

  • Scouted Review: If you opt into a role, it will move here (and off the Find Jobs page) where we will run our matching algorithms and conduct a manual match to determine if you are a good fit for the role. If you applied before Friday at 6am ET, we'll update your Dashboard by end of day the following Monday.
  • Client Review: If you are matched for a role you have applied for, we will send your information to the partner company, and the role will move here.
  • Interviews:  If our partner company decides to move forward with an interview, the role will move here, and you will receive an email with next steps. 
  • Archived: These are the jobs that are no longer active, whether you withdrew, you weren't matched, the role was closed, or the hiring manager has chosen not to move ahead with your candidacy.