Help! My resume is not in PDF format.

If your resume is not in PDF format, it will not upload to our platform. Scouted uses PDF format for two reasons. First, PDF is the standard for job applications. Second, and most importantly, it prevents others from editing your resume (which is also why it is the standard!).

If your resume is not in PDF form, don't worry--it's easy to convert!

  • Open your file in Word or a similar word processor (Google Docs, Open Office, etc.).
  • In Word, select SAVE AS and change the format to PDF. This will save a new version of your resume in the new format (the old one will still exist as it was, don't worry!). In Google Docs, you would simply select DOWNLOAD AS PDF. There are also several free converter options online as well (we like this one).
  • And that's it!

As with any important document, be sure to open and review for any errors before submitting.