Do I need an undergraduate degree to sign up for Scouted?

Not at all! One of the reasons we started Scouted is that we understand that everyone has a different journey to get to where they are, and we want to make sure everyone has a fair shake.

During our Onboarding process, we'll give you the option up front to indicate any undergraduate education information (as well as any graduate information), or you can skip the section entirely if you did not complete and/or don't intend to complete any traditional higher education and went straight to the real world!

Regardless of your path, we also give you the opportunity during Onboarding to indicate any tests or certifications you have completed.

Please note that we currently only have the capacity to indicate graduation or expected graduation. If you completed coursework at a college or university, please include that on your Resume or in the spaces available for additional information once you have completed Onboarding. If you need to reset your selection for Education during Onboarding, just shoot us a message!