Can I redo my Scouted Virtual Interview?


During your Virtual Interview process, you will have 3 attempts to record each response. Once you select the recording you'd like to submit, you cannot go back to that question - this allows us to see your candid responses, not so overly rehearsed responses.

However, if something comes up during your interview (phone rings, a friend walks in - things happen, we get it!) - or if it's just been 2+ years and things have changed - we can, of course, get you set up with a new interview.

Our interview system, unfortunately, doesn't accommodate single-response edits, so you will have to redo the entire thing. We do recommend doing the written portion in an outside word processing program first, so you can copy and paste your written answers should you need to redo the entire interview. You can also access your answers on your Scouted Profile to copy them down before redoing.

If you need to redo your interview - send us a request here!